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Beef Shoulder Clod

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:46 am    Post subject: Beef Shoulder Clod Reply with quote

Please try this big ol piece of beef the next time you need to cook for a large crowd. Hereís how I suggest doing it and how I did this one. First of all as with all my beef and especially the big primal cuts like this I always try to get as much age on em as possible before doing anything else to them. The meat turning color in spots in the picture here just means it went just about as long as it could in the refrigerator, but the fact is it was a bad cryovac seal on the bag or it would have went longer. I like six weeks from packing date on these big cuts and will give steaks a couple of weeks after I vac seal them myself at home. This cut of beef consist of the whole beef shoulder and usually weighs about 20 lbs and because of itís size I marinate it for 24 hours and inject it just before cooking for the best results. I do trim the meat before placing in marinade taking off all fat on the meat side and leaving all the fat on the fat side and I cook it fat side down in an effort to get a nice looking surface on the lean side where I will be slicing from. By doing both you will find the meat to have excellent flavor and you wonít need any rub on the surface of the meat because we are not wanting bbq beef as in brisket, we are cooking a nice roast beef to slice. So have your smoker running at a steady 225 Ė 230 and inject your meat right out of the fridge just as soon as you discard the marinade, then place the meat in the cooker with a meat probe in each end. No need to use a drip pan unless you want to use one to make clean up easier because the meat will be placed in a large roasting pan and foiled once it reaches 165 and it will then make itís own juice for your gravy or au jus. After you foil it at 165 continue cooking till it reaches 185 and place in a cambro or wrap in towels and place in a good cooler for 1 Ė 3 hours and if you will need hold it over more than 1 hour let it cool some before placing in cooler to prevent it from cooking too much. I canít give you the full recipe to the marinade as Iím sworn to secrecy, but it is important and I will give you a place to start and that is with some Dales, Allegro, or Moores and mix that 2 to 1 with Italian dressing. The total cooking time should be around 12 hours so plan accordingly and there is certainly nothing wrong with reheating the next day if youíre a sleepy head like me and donít want to worry with your cook through the night. Just pull off the cooker at 180 instead of 185 if you do it the day before.

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